AlixCompany provides smart, 'just-right customized' strategic planning solutions for truly connecting with consumers in today's marketplace.

What makes us special

We are structurally different from any other partners you are considering.




  • A networked set of expert clusters
  • Deploying 'just-right customized' strategic planning know-how based on your unique needs
  • Experts at the center of any and all efforts
  • A trained and named strategic planner takes on the role as 'bus driver' for each scope

Meet Alix & a Few of Our Trusted Experts

Alix Morrow is an account planning leader who specializes in market research. Her bookcase includes an Effie, ADDY, and Adjunct Strategic Planning professorial ID from City College of New York. She has a degree in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin and postgraduate degrees from The Miami Ad School (account planning) and Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business (executive leadership).

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Geoff Moskowitz is a video production specialist. He has a degree in radio-television-film from The University of Texas at Austin and is the proprietor of Fat Cat Productions LLC. Geoff is our go-to provider for live-streaming, short video, and audio production services.

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Lien Lea Merritt is a data and analytics specialist. She has a master’s degree in economics from The University of Texas at Arlington and is the CEO of White Label Analytics LLC. We call her our ‘data whisperer’ and highly recommend her services for segmentation, response modeling, media optimization, ROI modeling, and social listening textual analysis.

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Anne Boysen is a strategic foresight professional specializing in consumer and generational trends. She has a master’s degree in strategic foresight from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and professional degrees from Penn State (business analytics) and Colorado State University (CIS). Anne is a published futurist and the proprietor of After the Millennials.

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Qualitative | Quantitative | Planner for Awhile

Specifically, our services include:

Qualitative research:

Gather deep insight by speaking directly with consumers in controlled or natural environments.

We lead and manage all aspects of your qualitative market research needs; this includes field services, moderation, report writing, and debrief presentations. Our qualitative know-how includes: focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnography, shop-alongs, and online discussion group/panel moderation.

Quantitative research & measurement:

Best-in-class quantitative expertise for delivering consumer, product, and marketplace insight from data.

Assess your situation and move forward. Our analytic capabilities provide unique and measurable insight designed to foster long-term consumer connectivity. Our capabilities include segmentation, brand health evaluation, pre- and post-campaign awareness testing, and predictive modeling.

Planner for Awhile (PFA):

Just-in- time, on-demand strategic planning smarts.

Contract a PFA for one hour or up to six months. We do the legwork by tapping into our freelance network to provide perfect fit account planning candidates. Big (and small) data analysis and interpretation, persona naming, brainstorming facilitation, content creation, and consumer experience journey mapping are just a few of the services our PFAs provide.

Case studies and additional information are quickly available upon request.

Our Proprietary
1-2-3 Strategy Process

Each part of our process stands alone and works together giving you clear answers based on the context of your business needs.

1. Concept

Find. Gather. Discover.

The earliest stage of development. Your business or product idea is just beginning to develop. You are looking to leverage a new concept, understand the marketplace, or re-evaluate a working proposition.

2. Vision

Connect. Segment. Map.

Develop your marketplace dynamism through relevant differentiation. Refine and strengthen concepts through the development of clear and unique positioning.


Name. Own. Experience.

Understand current consumer connectivity and create new experiences. Whether using traditional or contemporary channels, you are looking to launch or leverage your brand in the marketplace.

Clients & Colleagues

Since our launch in 2008, we're proud to have worked with the following advertisers and marketers:
Big Red, Inc.
Egg Strategy
Fast Park
McGarrah Jessee
The Richards Group
Screamer Company
TM Advertising
The University of Texas College of Pharmacy
Young & Rubicam
We have also worked with venture capital firms and several start-ups who wish to remain anonymous.


“Alix worked for Keiler as a Planner for Awhile when one of our planners was out on maternity leave. It was an engagement of several months and during a critical time for several healthcare-related projects for our top clients. Alix stepped in as if she’d been working here forever and helped us finish work as well as keep several projects going. Both the internal Keiler folks and the clients had confidence in her as a part of the team. I would use her again and recommend her services!”

- Lynn Taylor, President & CEO, Keiler

“Alix’s resourcefulness and energy in the face of significant time pressure made her an ideal research partner for us. She also quickly grasped the strategic goals of the project and delivered a very perceptive and highly actionable report in a tight timeframe. I highly recommend her intelligence and professionalism and look forward to working with her in the future.”

- Kevin Malloy, General Manager/Partner, Egg Strategy

“Working with AlixCompany proved to be very enjoyable. Alix didn’t hesitate in working with me to pull together the most optimal research and pricing plan for my project. She works under tight timelines and rigorous demands to deliver thorough and insightful deliverables. Supreme job!”

- Adrienne Martin, Brand Planner, Young & Rubicam

“Alix is a talented communication strategist. She was an excellent planner at Y&R and we’ve contracted AlixCompany for various strategy, qual, and quant insights work.”

- Belle Frank, Chief Strategy Officer, Young & Rubicam Global Health Practice

“Alix is an excellent moderator. Her ability to fully grasp the issues, and her relaxed, warm style in the room puts participants at ease, leading to open, candid and rich conversation. Coupled with her insightful analysis and reporting, Alix consistently delivers the best results for clients.”

- Tom McGee, Market Research Consultant

“We were embarking on some qualitative research for the first time in several years and needed a seasoned professional to coordinate and moderate the groups. We were referred to Alix and she fit our needs perfectly. She quickly learned about our business and developed a thorough guide that covered all of our research needs. In leading the groups, she built strong rapport with the consumers and deftly kept the participants on task so that we could obtain the insights we needed. We’ve implemented her recommendations and are rolling out a new campaign this summer. Throughout the project, Alix was collaborative, responsive and flexible. She worked with us to come in under budget. The next time we have research needs, she’s the first person we’ll call.”

- Thomas Oh, VP Business Development, Big Red, Inc.

“Not only is Alix the consummate professional, she brings best in class, broad-based research capabilities to our strategic team, which she seamlessly integrates from the very inception of a project to its successful completion. I can always count on Alix to produce even more than is asked of her, adding thoughtful and intelligent insight that makes everyone’s efforts even better. She’s great with people – as a focus group facilitator and simply in general – and always a delight to work with. I highly recommend Alix, and encourage anyone to reach out to me as a reference for her and her talents.”

- Angela Fulcher, Founder/CMO, The Growth CMO

“Alix is the kind of strategic partner that creative people love. Innately curious, thoughtful and relentless in terms of finding new truths about a product, or an unexplored avenue for creative to investigate. The best compliment I can pay to any planner is to consider them ‘part of the creative department.’ Alix definitely fell into that camp.”

- David Nathanson, EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Zimmerman Advertising

“Alix is simply amazing. Her ability to understand consumers and explore every avenue in developing branding and messaging that they will relate to is second to none. She clearly understands her clients' needs and then uncovers deep insights so that her clients can make the most sound, strategic decisions. I highly recommend Alix!”

- Phillip Paquette, Writer & Content Strategist

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